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Return Policy

Maison D strives for excellent customer service and wants all clients to be satisfied with their purchase. However, because we make pieces in small productions runs that are made to order, we do returns on a case-by-case basis.

Please email any inquiries to

We truly appreciate your support of our products. If any issues arise with your order, we will communicate with you immediately and work to resolve it.

After your payment has cleared and your order is completed at checkout you will receive an automated email of your invoice. Please note this email may be located in your SPAM/ JUNK folder if you are ordering from us for the first time.

Maison D is not responsible for items damaged or lost in transit. If your item has been damaged please email within 24 hours of receiving your order.


If you cancel your order within 12 hours, you will receive a refund less a 3% processing fee. However, after 12 hours you’re subject to up to a 50% restocking fee based on the materials of the piece and the amount of work that has been completed. After 12 hours you may still be subject to the restocking fee.


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